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There is one piece that Mary refuses to part with: a large and still growing tin book she calls her autobiography. 'Right now, it's over 200 pages. I really tried to just sit down and tell my life's story,' she says. Each 'page' is actually a 9 by 12 inch panel made of tin and trimmed by scissors; each panel is a composition of paint, her usual fragments, mud, clay, fabric, and anything else that happens to be around her Tallahassee workshop. She continues to add to the book as she ages. 'Right now, this is my life, and it's probably too soon to put it out there,' she says, 'It's really about my life, about the stories my grandmother would tell me when I was younger. We'd go fishing and she'd tell me stories about my mother, about who I was, and how I came into this world.' The book itself is still a work in progress, and even in its incomplete form, it is a massive project. Held together by hammer and wire, it now weighs over 100 pounds. 'I'm adding to it all the time,' she says.


 Biography of Missionary Mary L. Proctor

Using found objects from her junkyard, now her American Folk Art Museum, Missionary Mary crafts three dimensional assembled works from buttons, mirrors, jewelry and other trinkets. Some works are inspired by bible scripture and others by memories of her grandmother or her childhood and most include written messages of spiritual truths or life lessons.

For a detailed biography, read the full article from RAW VISION No 29, Winter 1999



  • 1st Art Show - All Saint Canal Club and Gallery - Tallahassee, FL 9/95
  • Tricia Collins - Grand Salon, "One Woman Show," Soho District - NYC 2/96
  • Best of Show - Riverside Avondale Preservations, Inc. - Jacksonville, FL 9/2/96
  • Award of Merit - Arts on the Park - Lakeland, FL 9/29/96
  • Award of Excellence - 11th Annual Starke Festival of the Arts
  • Third Place - 26th Anniversary On the Green Art Festival - Ft. Pierce, FL 1/11-12/97
  • Award of Merit - 27th Gasparilla Festival of the Arts - Tampa, FL 3/1-2/97
  • Kate Chapman Memorial Award for Sculpture - 42nd Annual Broadwalk Art Show - Virginia Beach, VA 6/12-15/97
  • Award of Merit - 26th Riverside Art & Music Festival - Jacksonville, FL 9/6-7/97
  • Second Place - 13th Art Festival '97 Thornebrook Village - Gainesville, FL 9/27-28/97
  • Award of Honor - 35th Halifax Art Festival - Daytona Beach, FL 10/25-26/97
  • Best of Division 1 - Citrus County 27th Festival of the Arts - Inverness, FL 11/1-2/97
  • Second Place - St. Tammany Art Association Award - The First Covington Three Rivers Art Festival - Covington, LA 11/8-9/97
  • Best of Show - 9th Annual Zora Neale Hurston Festival - Eatonville, FL 1/31/98 & 2/1/98
  • Friends of the Arts Awards - 28th Gasparilla Festival of the Arts - Tampa, FL 2/28/98 & 3/1/98

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  • The 621 Gallery at Railroad Square - Tallahassee Sculptures - "40 Artists from the Tallahassee Area" - Tallahassee, FL 4/3 - 26/98
  • Awards of Excellence Harambee '98 - 14th Arts & Cultural Heritage Festival Tallahassee, FL 4/17-19/98
  • National Black Arts Festival - 10th Anniversary Celebration at Greenbriar Mall - "Art Beyond Borders" - Atlanta, GA 7/11-14/98
  • The Zetter Collection presents for the first time in the western US "The Outstanding Art and Doors of Missionary Mary L. Proctor of Tallahassee, FL" - "One Woman Show" - Hermitage Gallery Southwest Pavilion - Reno, NV 8/1-31/98
  • The Zetter Collection presents "One Woman Show" - Brenda Antin Antique Shop - Los Angeles, CA 9/10-14/98
  • VIP - "An Invited Guest" - Kentuck Association of Northport, Inc. - Northport, AL 10/98
  • Award of Merit - Arts on the Park - Lakeland, FL 12/98
  • Third Place - 39th Fine Art & Selective Craft Show - Cocoa, FL 2/13-14/99
  • "First Place - 31st Opelika Arts Festival - Opelika, AL 4/17-18/99
  • "Awesome" - Gadsden Art Center, Presents "Missionary Mary L. Proctor" - Quincy, FL 4/30-5/23/99
  • Jules Jewel Presents Missionary Mary Proctor "One Woman Show" - Buckhead - Atlanta, GA 5/15 & 16/99
  • The Virginia-Highland Summerfest Art Festival - Atlanta, GA 6/5 & 6/99
  • Howard Finster Fest - Paradise Gardens, GA
  • The Bainbridge-Decatur County Council for the Arts - Presents in the Firehouse Gallery - Missionary Mary L. Proctor (A One Woman Show Reflecting Folk art Through Her Eyes) - Bainbridge, GA 6/7-12/99
  • "Divine Inspiration" painting and sculpture by spiritually motivated artists - Main Street Gallery - Clayton, GA 6/12-23/99
  • Florida A&M University, "1997 College of the Year" - Fine Art Exhibition Presents Missionary Mary L. Proctor "Contemporary American Folk Artist" - FAMU Fine Art Gallery, Tallahassee, FL 11/21/97 to 12/12/97
  • American Visionary Art Museum: Love: Error and Eros - May 16 1998 - May 30 1999. Curated by John Maizels and Maggie Maizels,
    creators and founders of Raw Vision: International Journal of Intuitive and Visionary Art. http://www.avam.org/exhibitions/love.html
  • Screen Arts Show, opening Feb 3, 2006 in St. Augustine, FL

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  • Morris Museum - Augusta, GA
  • The Zora Neale Hurston National Museum of Fine Art - "Of the People: An Exhibit of Folk Art" - 227 E. Kennedy Blvd., Eatonville, FL 32751 - 10/20/97 to 11/26/97
  • Mennello Museum of American Folk Art
  • Museum of African American Art cordially invites you to "A Reunion of Spirit" Community Artists' Show In the Spirit of the Barnett-Aden Collection - 1305 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602 - 11/7/97 to 1/6/98
  • Museum of Florida History, R.A. Gray Building - Black History Month and Women's Month - 500 S. Bronough Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399 - 2/12/98 to 4/6/98
  • American Visionary Art Museum presents its 4th Exhibition - Eros and Error: Love, Profane and Divine - Baltimore, MD - 5/15/98 to 5/30/99
  • Two of her doors, and four multi-media books were acquired for the permanent collection of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland
  • House of Blues - New Orleans, Orlando, Chicago

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  • Mary Call Proctor, TLH, FL
  • Mary Anne Moore, TLH, FL
  • Dr. Lou Hill, TLH, FL
  • Joan W. & Howard E. Bowers, TLH, FL
  • Suzanne D & Armand B Cognetta, JR M.D., TLH, FL
  • Anne & David O'Bryan, TLH, FL
  • Anita R. Favors, City Man., TLH, FL
  • Fred Flowers, Atty., TLH, FL
  • Paula L. Walborsky, Atty., TLH FL
  • Judith W. Hawkins, County Judge, TLH, FL
  • Dawn S. & Jerome W. Hoffman, TLH, FL
  • Pauline Carroll, Birmingham, AL
  • Suzanne & Rocke Doddridge, M.D., St. Petersburg, FL
  • Kenn W. & Lynn G. Melton - Greensboro, NC
  • Travis N. Trensit - Chicago, IL
  • Charles P. & Eileen Smith, Lakeland, FL
  • The Woodruff Family, Coca Cola, ATL, GA
  • Tammy Deene, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Ann F. & William M. Offenhimer, Richmond, VA
  • Rhea Chiles, Tampa, FL
  • Rebecca & Leroy E. Hoffberger, Towson, MD
  • Philip D. Mercado, M.D., Los Angeles, CA
  • Dinah Manoff - TV star, "Empty Nest", "Soap"
  • Judge Reinhold - movie star, "Beverly Hills Cop"
  • Diane Carroll, singer/actress
  • James H & Suzanne Fenwick, aka "Suzanne Stone" - TV star, "Sanford & Sons"
  • Judy Schoen, owner of the Theatrical Agency
  • Greg Stewart, TV producer, owner of graphics company
  • Larry Moss, one of Hollywood's best known acting coaches (Misty Blue)
  • Connie Tazel, manager of Helen Hunt & Craig T. Nelson
  • Marty Ozer, chairman of Reno Fox - TV network
  • Jeff Melnick, owner of film & TV literacy agency
  • Lois Zetter, Siegel & Feldstein and the Zetter Collection

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