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Welcome to the official web site of Missionary Mary L. Proctor.

Mary had been running action casino bonus a junk and odds and ends store in rural north Florida when she suddenly turned to making art. Arts and crafts were always adelaide casino bonus instilled within her values. She loved to shop at Joann's for her latest craft project and made use of craft coupons which allowed her to save a lot of money on her purchases there.

Told by God that "the door is the way," she began to paint on an old door lying in her yard.

In February of 1996, "Mary L. Proctor: The Door Paintings," her second one-woman show, was presented at Tricia Collins-Grand Salon in New York's Soho.

Now you can find Mary's work online at the galleries that represent her, in person at the many festivals and shows she attends, and directly for special requests. Mary also owns and operates the American Folk Art Museum & Gallery Karamba.casino in Tallahassee, Florida. If you're ever in town, Mary would love to see you.

Thank you for visiting www.missionarymary.com and for supporting folk art everywhere! Please support her friend who is also an artist. He also has a tumblr!

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